Website Credits

This website was developed by Wesley (me) at .  This was the first totally customized WordPress website I have completed.  WordPress is a blogging software that was developed by several people for free and is now available as open-source software.  The major benefits for using WordPress blog software on your website are the following: to make updates to the website you don’t have to be a webmaster.  You just login to your website and you can create pages and edit pages and delete pages.  Your visitors can become part of the discussion by allowing them to “comment” on your information or articles.  Another big benefit is that WordPress has become so popular that other popular websites on the Internet (like and, and many more) are adding features to their websites that allow you to do all sorts time-saving and cool things.  This website is equipped with automatic news updates; that means it automatically goes and fetches news from the Internet and posts it to this website.  This is a great way to keep the website updated and people interested.  Another cool feature of this website is the e-mail notification.  Visitors who choose to subscribe to our website will receive an e-mail whenever we add news or articles to our website.

Wesley maintains several other websites including a live Web camera website sporting high quality live images of the beautiful San Juan Islands. 

To contact Wesley just visit or check out his personal weblog (also a WordPress site) over at .