Naturopathic Services

Insurance and Membership Information

Membership Practice Model Options:

Option One: Guaranteed four regular visits per year and 2 acute visits. Ages 16 and older: $70 per month or $120.00 for couples. $65 for each additional child age 16-20. Includes a 10% discount on all supplements & vitamins in the supplement shop for the year.

Option Two: Standard Non-insured patients- Non Monthly Membership Continue to pay a per regular visit fee of $170.00 for as many visits as you desire. Acute visits (15-20 minutes focused on acute issue) will be $100.00.

There will continue to be additional costs for injections, nasosympatico treatments, lab fees, homeopathic remedies, visceral manipulation, and other procedures that may be added in the future

Insurance Accepted:

Regence, Uniform, BCBS FEP Insurance

A limited amount of Insurance will be covered by KCNM

Please confirm your benefits and level of insurance coverage by contacting your insurance company. Inclusion of the name "Katherine Barkshre"; in your insurance companies search results or a directory does not guarantee coverage for some insurances. You will still be responsible for payment if insurance does't cover the office visit.

As a courtesy to you, we will bill your insurance company for services provided to you. Insurance may not cover all fees, such as vitamin injections, supplements or outside labs. We will do our best to make you aware of these non-covered fees ahead of time, so that you can choose if you'd like to proceed. You will be responsible for any copay due at the time of service, and you may be billed later for remaining balances due to deductibles or coinsurance. Please consult with your individual insurance policy to verify your naturopathic coverage, so that you are aware of your responsibilities. Fees for services are due at the time of service.